Education & Public Outreach

Celebrating Endangered Species

The Endangered Species Act, designed to protect species and their habitats, as well as recover and maintain plant and animal populations, was signed into law in 1973.

Annually, the RCHCA hosts students from local school districts in Western Riverside County. Experts and agency biologists lead students on hikes between hands-on-learning stations where they see live animal demonstrations and learn about the importance of conserving natural resources. The lessons are based on New Generation Science Standards.

Check out the RCHCA Field Guide (PDF) for information on habitat, plants, and animals of Riverside County.

RCHCA Presents Wild Critters

Wild Critters is a video series that takes a look at some of the animals seen on RCHCA's reserves, and explores what habitat restoration and reserve management involves. This series is available on our Youtube Channel.

Community Events

The RCHCA is committed to environmental education which includes hosting events such as community clean-up's , educational outreach, Earth Day events, and other outreach activities to raise awareness about protecting the earth's natural resources. 

California Education and the Environment Initiative

EEI, or the Education and the Environment Initiative is a statewide effort to make environmental literacy an integral part of K-12 instruction in California.  They provide educators with professional learning and instructional materials that demonstrate how to blend the environment into the teaching of traditional academic subjects like science, history, and English language arts. For more information and to order EEI Curriculum materials, please visit or reach out to them directly at

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